Monday, March 23, 2020

Preparing Super Hero 101 part nine

Hi all.

This week has been quite confusing.  We have never had to deal with some of the obstacles that have been presented to us at this time.  First off we are rescheduling the casting call, the self quarantine has made it necessary.  I haven't been using my time wisely.  I am moving forward on the scripts and reviewing several episodes of Jungle Girl, but I should be much further along with the extra time that was given to me.  I will be trying a little harder this week to get the things done because I would like to start filming next season in April, virus permitting.  When we do start filming I will have some behind the scenes pictures to share and some great stories, maybe even some bloopers.  Thank you for continuing the support of our show.

Here is the next episode of Super Hero 101:

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