Monday, January 13, 2020

Preparing for our new season part one


It has been a great week.  I have been working hard at getting the episodes ready for our next season of Super Hero 101.  I watch the whole Don Winslow of the Navy serial.  For the show I will watch through each serial about four times before I am able to write our parts for the show.  I am really looking forward to showing you this serial in the future.  I have also been working on some Virtual Comics from Don Winslow that go along with these episodes.  I found some great stories that might bring a smile to your faces.  I also got to work with some great people providing the voices for me.

This week starts the Perils of Nyoka serial.  Marvelette is hosting it and will bring out some surprises.  I have always been fond of the serials with a female lead (Zorro's Black Whip, Perils of Nyoka, and Panther woman of the Congo).  Kay Aldridge plays the Jungle girl with vigor.  The masked man, Clayton Moore, makes a great leading man. The evil Vultura is captured so well by the beautiful Lorna Gray. I hope you enjoy this set of episodes, I know I had a great time putting them together.

The most current episode:

I have not forgotten to post a Super Hero 101 virtual comic.  These are addition to the episodes so you may see them during some of the future episodes but if you want to get a preview check the next episode here:

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